The name “Significant Translations” was inspired by Ferdinand de Saussure’s semiotic theory.  Saussure describes language as a system of signs, a sign being a unit of meaning made up of two parts:

Signifier: that which represents the  object or meaning i.e. the spoken or written word.

Signified: the object designated by the signifier i.e. the thing itself.

Translation is essentially about finding the right words or signs to convey the intended meaning from one language into another. This is not a straight-forward process equivalent to looking up words in a dictionary, but rather a creative and dynamic act of breaking down and reassembling meaning. Word or signs are the building blocks of the translator’s craft.

Our logo represents this fluid and dynamic translation process with the circles suggesting words or units of meaning. The flow and colour graduation hints at the movement from one language or system of meaning into another.

As a translation agency named “Significant Translations” it is thus our goal to ensure that our translations correctly and fully transpose meaning from the source into the target language. And through our high quality standard and expert translators, we aim to do this significantly better than our competitors.